France Protests: Violent Protesters Crash Vehicle Into French Mayor’s Residence

France experienced a subdued night of protests in response to the police shooting death of an adolescent at point-blank range.

Compared to the previous four nights, 719 fewer arrests were made during the worst of Marseille’s confrontations.

After the murder of an adolescent, protests continue for a fifth night in the country. In the Paris suburb of L’Hay-les-Roses, assailants drive a vehicle into the mayor’s residence, injuring his wife as she tries to flee with their two children.

Tuesday, as Nahel M, 17, fled from a traffic stop, he was shot and killed by police. Saturday’s ceremonial burial attracts massive throngs. Since Nahel M’s murder in the Parisian suburb of Nanterre, Yawa has supplied gas to many French cities.

In a single tweet, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin lauds law enforcement for their “resolute action” that has resulted in a “calmer night.” 

Video Shows Police Throw Tear Gas at Protesters

Saturday night, approximately 45,000 additional police officers are deployed across the country.

Saturday evening in Marseille was marked by violent clashes between police and protesters. In an online video, police officers are seen using tear gas against city citizens.

The video depicts the confrontations on La Canebière, the major thoroughfare in the center of Marseille. More than an hour of combat reportedly occurred between a large group of protesters and local police officers.

For the second night in a row, all buses and trams in the Paris region will cease service at 21:00. According to reports, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne observed efforts to maintain order in the Paris national police command room.

Vincent Jeanbrun, the mayor of the southern Parisian suburb L’Ha-les-Roses, stated that his wife and one of his children were injured while fleeing an assailant who drove a vehicle into their home and set it on fire.

Specialized police patrol the streets of Lille, a city in the north. Photos from the city’s nocturnal hours depict firefighters extinguishing fires in vehicles set on fire by rioters. The Lyon police detain 21 individuals. Also reported in Nice and Strasbourg are violent incidents.

Officials hope that the rioters will lose their vitality due to the enormous unpopularity of their actions and the increased security measures.

Nobody assumes anything, however, until additional nights of silence confirm the trend. Earlier on Saturday, they held a Nahel funeral service at the Nanterre mosque.

Di family supporters warn tori pipo to refrain from approaching. Even mobile phone recording is prohibited by the Democratic Party. “No Periscope or Instagram,” mourners are informed.

Source: BBC News

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