US Prepares to Limit China’s Cloud Computing Access

The Biden administration is making preparations to limit Chinese companies’ ability to utilize U.S. cloud-computing services. 

Individuals familiar with the matter revealed that a new regulation if implemented, would necessitate American cloud-service providers like Amazon and Microsoft to obtain permission from the U.S. government before offering cloud-computing services to Chinese clients that utilize advanced artificial intelligence chips.

Cloud Computing Limitation Expands Semiconductor Export Policy

The implementation of this restriction in cloud computing is expected to occur in the following weeks by the United States Department of Commerce.

This move is part of an expansion of the semiconductor export control policy that was initially introduced in October. However, the Commerce Department, along with Microsoft and Amazon, did not provide an immediate response when approached for comment outside of regular business hours.

In response to the ongoing dispute with the United States over access to high-tech microchips, China announced on Monday its decision to impose export controls on certain metals extensively employed in the semiconductor industry. 

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China’s Microchip Access Controversy Export Controls

The Biden administration is making preparations to limit Chinese companies’ ability to utilize U.S. cloud-computing services.

These controls will necessitate exporters to obtain permission prior to shipping certain gallium and germanium products. China justified these measures by stating that they are intended to safeguard national security and protect its interests.

In summary, the Biden administration is reportedly taking steps to restrict Chinese companies from accessing U.S. cloud-computing services. This potential rule would require American cloud service providers to acquire government approval before delivering cloud-computing services utilizing advanced artificial intelligence chips to Chinese customers. The U.S. 

Within the next several weeks, it is anticipated that the Department of Commerce will put this restriction into effect as part of its broader policy regarding the management of semiconductor exports.

China, in response, has announced export controls on specific metals used in the semiconductor industry, citing national security and its own interests as the primary reasons for this decision.

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