Delayed Grocery Rebate payment? Here’s what could Be causing the hold-up

CRA warns of possible delays in distributing supermarket rebate checks to millions of Canadians on July 5th.

The Canadian government has implemented a temporary grocery rebate scheme to aid low-income families. The Liberals included it in their fiscal budget for 2023.

Eligibility for IRS Refund Amounts

Your eligibility will depend on the specifics of your case. The most money you could get as a single person is:

  • Without any kids, the price drops to $234.
  • $387 (for a family of 1).
  • Two kids, $467
  • Total: $548 (with three kids)
  • Costs $628 (with four young ones).

With a spouse or common-law partner, you may be eligible for up to:

  • No-kids-included $306
  • $387 (for a family of 1).
  • Two kids, $467
  • Total: $548 (with three kids)
  • Costs $628 (with four young ones).

On average, seniors can expect an additional $225 per year.

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Disrupted Postal System

First, the CRA has issued a notice to Canadians that wildfires across the country have impacted the postal system, which may cause a delay in the delivery of CRA benefits and credit checks.

It recommends checking Canada Post’s website regularly for delivery status information. Direct payment through the government’s My Account function can also help prevent delays.

Second, there is a chance that the CRA’s debt recovery program will have an impact on your payment.

The Canadian Revenue Agency’s (CRA) tax balancing program delayed child benefit payments at the beginning of the month. There were complaints from numerous parents that their child tax credit had been reversed.

By going into their CRA My Account, Canadians can see where their benefits stand. If you are having trouble paying back your government debt, you should call the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-888-863-8662 for debt related to government benefits or 1-888-863-8657 for debt related to government taxes.

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