Storm Alert: Modest Chances Today, Growing On Sunday In D.C. Area

The weekend is approaching, and many in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area are getting ready.

The weather forecast is a mix of excitement and caution.

Over the following three days, a variety of weather conditions are anticipated in the area, beginning with a Friday with only a slight possibility of storms and ending on Sunday with potentially more major weather disturbances. 

Locals must keep educated and ready for any upcoming climatic changes now that summer is fully underway.

Forecast for Friday: In the D.C. region, the day begins with partly cloudy skies and mild temps. The afternoon and evening, however, have a chance of seeing sporadic thunderstorms develop as the day goes on.

Although it is not anticipated that these storms would be severe, lightning strikes and locally heavy rainfall are both possibilities. 

Residents are urged to monitor weather reports and take the appropriate safety measures, such as sheltering inside if thunder is heard.

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Weekend Update: Sunday Brings Growing Storm Chances To D.C. Area

storm- alert-modest-chances-today-growing-on-sunday-in-dc-area
The weekend is approaching, and many in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area are getting ready.

Expectations for Saturday: Saturday promises a comparatively calmer weather trend to the area as the weekend continues. 

Expect partly sunny skies and a marginal drop in humidity. 

It will continue to be warm outside, which makes today ideal for outdoor activities. 

The general danger is low, while the possibility of a few scattered showers or a passing thunderstorm cannot be completely ruled out. 

Residents who have events scheduled outdoors can go forward with their plans, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup inside option available.

Growing Storm Chances for Sunday: On Sunday, the weather dynamics change as the likelihood of more structured and potentially larger storms in the Washington, D.C., area increases.

The warm and humid air mass that is now over the area is anticipated to interact with a cold front moving in from the northwest.

The development of isolated to multiple thunderstorms could result from this collision of air masses.

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