Interfaith Families Demand Student Choice Regarding LGBTQ Curriculum in Maryland Schools

A diverse group of parents from various faith backgrounds in Maryland have joined forces to express their opposition to a school district’s gender ideology instruction. 

These parents are determined not to be silenced, asserting their right to opt-out of lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation. 

The demonstration witnessed the presence of Shaykh El Hadji Sall, a Muslim immigrant from Africa, who spoke out against Montgomery County Public Schools’ decision. 

Sall emphasized that the instruction contradicts his religious beliefs, highlighting the importance of preserving basic freedoms and parental rights.

Shaykh El Hadji Sall, in his op-ed, highlighted the simple request of parents to restore their right to opt out, a request that faced unexpected backlash.

Sall noted the absence of a persuasive argument against respecting their basic freedoms and parental rights, resulting in an attempt to smear them as bigots. 

However, Sall, along with other parents from the Muslim and other faith communities, refuses to be silenced. 

They recognize the significance of their cause and prioritize their children’s well-being above all.

Montgomery County Public Schools’ announcement to include an LGBTQ-inclusive reading list as part of its curriculum has sparked concerns among parents.

 Sall emphasized that parents have the right to object to the curriculum, which directly contradicts their theological principles. 

He argued that the school’s attempt to shape children’s values into something considered “sinful” in his religion is deeply problematic. 

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Protecting Religious Freedom in Education

A diverse group of parents from various faith backgrounds in Maryland have joined forces to express their opposition to a school district’s gender ideology instruction.

Sall believes that a small group within the Board of Education is imposing its own agenda without proper consideration for the broader community.

Ismail Royer, an advocate for the concerned parents and a member of the Coalition of Virtue, stressed the importance of parents of faith and shared moral values being vigilant about the individuals elected to school boards.

He asserted that voting should be approached on a case-by-case basis, expressing concern about the Democratic party’s stance on this issue and suggesting that it would be detrimental for Muslims to vote for Democrats. 

Royer emphasized the need for parents to unite and protect their children from being subjected to indoctrination or punishment.

While Montgomery County Public Schools released a statement clarifying the option to opt-out of the “Family Life and Human Sexuality Unit of Instruction,” Shaykh El Hadji Sall expressed dissatisfaction, arguing that the school district’s push for gender ideology and sexual orientation aims to erase his culture and religious heritage.

 He called for a greater level of respect and understanding, highlighting the need to preserve diverse perspectives and religious values within the education system.

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Source: Fox News, Twitter

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