Joe Biden’s Pledge To Ukraine

President Joe Biden promised that the US and its partners will maintain a united front with Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression as he wrapped off a three-day trip to Lithuania for the NATO summit on Wednesday.

The world is now different. Will we stop blatant, unbridled aggression now to stop future world aggressors, he asked during talks in Vilnius.

Around 10,000 Lithuanians, foreign diplomats, opposition figures from Belarus, and others were present when Biden spoke to them; they were all encircled by and waving American and Lithuanian flags.

Given that Lithuania and Russia share a border, the president’s speech on Wednesday was held in a significant place. NATO membership for Lithuania is considered to be a key deterrent to any Russian aggression.

We have to decide something each day. According to Biden, we must constantly find the willpower to stand up for what is fair, what is real, what is freedom, and what unites us.

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United Against Russian War

A NATO summit that was dominated by discussions about continuing to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia also revealed tensions over the potential route Ukraine would take to join the alliance. Biden’s speech was delivered at the summit’s end.

The pessimism of Biden and several other world leaders about Ukraine joining NATO, a step Biden has argued should wait until after the war with Russia has concluded, has angered Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, who stated it on Tuesday. 

By Wednesday, Zelensky had admitted that as long as the conflict was going on, Ukraine would not be able to join the alliance.

While Biden did not specifically address Ukraine’s possible NATO membership during his remarks, he did stress that NATO members have a duty to defend one another. 

Biden and other allies have warned that admitting Ukraine to NATO at this time would mean that all allies are at war with Russia.
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