Apple’s Next Move: Rumors Hint At iPad Pro Lineup Adopting OLED Screens In 2024

Apple, a company renowned for its quality and creativity, has opted against using OLED panels in many of its products. 

Apple has resisted using this technology while rivals have for a while, apparently due to its own concerns. 

A recent claim, however, indicates that Apple may soon make a big switch to OLED panels. A few of the current Apple product lineup’s iPhones and Apple Watches include OLED displays. 

However, the most recent models of the iPad and MacBook continue to use various display technologies. 

Apple may soon add OLED panels to its iPads and MacBooks, according to a claim from the research firm Omdia. 

This is consistent with past studies that suggested a similar progression. According to the rumor, the iPad Pro will be the first Apple product to use OLED technology, which is anticipated to happen in 2024. 

Starting in 2024, OLED panels will be used in the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models. The first quarter of that year is when production of these gadgets is expected to start. 

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Benefits Of OLED In Apple’s Future iPads

Apple, a company renowned for its quality and creativity, has opted against using OLED panels in many of its products.

According to rumors, Apple intends to use cutting-edge low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) OLED technology in new iPads.

Mini LED LCD displays, a prestigious display technology, are found in the most recent iPad Pro versions. In contrast to even the best LED displays, LTPO OLED signifies a greater progress. 

OLED has advantages over LED, including perfect blacks, high dynamic range (HDR), per-pixel light control, and greater power economy. 

Apple might theoretically improve brightness levels and dynamic refresh rates even further by utilizing LTPO technology.

Unfortunately, OLED-equipped MacBooks won’t be available until 2027 or later, so consumers of MacBooks will need to be patient. 

Several issues, like production difficulties or the need to improve the technology for larger displays, may be to blame for the delay in the introduction of OLED to MacBooks.

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