NYC-Area Airports Hit by Massive Delays and Groundings, 1,600 Flights Canceled Nationwide

NYC airports faced flight disruptions due to storms and flooding, causing cancellations and delays, inconveniencing many travelers.

According to FlightAware, over 1,600 flights were canceled across the country, with Newark Liberty International, John F. Kennedy International, and LaGuardia Airports seeing the biggest delays and cancellations.

On Sunday, the New Jersey airline had the most flight cancellations of any airport in the United States.

According to FlightAware data, Newark had 365 incoming and leaving flights canceled and another 461 delayed, accounting for almost 30% of all planned flights.

The air travel blunder was not restricted to actual jet operations.

One passenger from Chicago told The Post that they were among scores of passengers who waited for their luggage for more than two hours after landing in Newark. 

According to the United customer, only roughly a third of the customers’ baggage arrived at the airport baggage claim, and the remaining two-thirds appeared to be missing.

A query concerning the allegedly misplaced luggage was not immediately responded to by United Airlines.

Suspended Flights Due Severe Rain and Fog

With a total of 331 cancellations to and from the airport, JFK Airport finished in second place for the most flight cancellations after Newark, while LaGuardia wasn’t significantly behind with 280 suspended flights, per flight tracking data.

Due to severe rain and fog in the metro area, all three airports advised passengers to verify the status of their flights before arriving at the airport.

Much of the greater New York area was impacted by thunderstorms, heavy rain, and flash floods on Sunday.

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Flight Canceled or Delayed? Know Your Rights.

NYC airports faced flight disruptions due to storms and flooding, causing cancellations and delays, inconveniencing many travelers.

If your flight is postponed for any reason, you will be entitled to a whole refund if you decline an alternate itinerary offered to you, even if you originally purchased a nonrefundable ticket.

Weather delays are usually not covered by airline compensation policies, as they are deemed beyond the carrier’s control. 

Waivers provide crucial flexibility during such instances. The Department of Transportation’s dashboard outlines compensation eligibility for delayed passengers and what they may be entitled to.

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