Ukraine’s Defense Minister Predicts NATO Entry Amid Crimea Attacks

Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s defense minister, declares that Ukraine will keep attacking the Russian-occupied Crimea and the Kerch Bridge that connects it to the Russian mainland while simultaneously acknowledging that the plan for Ukraine’s lethargic counteroffensive is running late.

Ukraine has kept up its airstrikes within Crimea while Russia has pounded the southern port city of Odesa and the surrounding area over the past week. 

A week after seaborne drones hit the Kerch bridge, Ukrainian drones bombed an ammo stockpile on Tuesday.

More than twenty landmarks in the historic city core of Odesa were severely damaged during the fifth night of Russian airstrikes. In the meantime, drones bombarded the port infrastructure in the area, focusing on important grain stock days.

Moscow’s withdrawal from a critical grain agreement that permitted the secure export of Ukrainian wheat to foreign markets, which exacerbated a global food crisis, prompted the barrage.

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Ukraine’s Struggle Against Russian Attacks in Odesa

Senior Russian officials have claimed that the increase in attacks is a reaction to an earlier this month fatal explosion on the vital Kerch bridge in Russian-occupied Crimea.

He responded, We have capacity, when asked if Ukraine intended to increase strikes against Russian ships in the Black Sea as payback. If they threaten us in the Black Sea, we will have to retaliate since we have armaments, just like we did with the ship Moskva.

In an attack that Ukrainian authorities have claimed to have carried out, the guided-missile cruiser Moskva, the pride of Russia’s fleet, sank in the Black Sea in April.

As Kyiv strives to breach Moscow’s strong defenses in the southeastern provinces, Ukrainian air defense forces have found it difficult to combat Russia’s renewed attacks on Odesa in recent weeks.

But despite Western allies providing billions of dollars in aid to strengthen Kyiv’s military force and training hundreds of soldiers, Ukraine’s arduous counteroffensive has not yielded any substantial victories.

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