77-Year-Old Woman Shot on Balcony in Delray Beach

77-Year-Old Woman Shot on Balcony in Delray Beach

A 77-year-old woman was shot while sitting on her balcony in Delray Beach, Florida on Tuesday. The incident occurred in the Village Square, although the exact location was not disclosed by the police.

Victim’s Condition and Response

The woman was transported to a local hospital as a trauma alert by the Delray Beach Fire Rescue paramedics. Currently, there are no details about her condition.

Police Investigation

The police have urged anyone with information regarding the shooting to contact Sgt. Casey Kelly at (561) 243-7890.

Recent Shooting Incidents

This incident follows another shooting that occurred on Monday in Delray Beach, where a 16-year-old was shot less than a mile away from where the woman was shot.

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