By Mike S Payton, Contributing Reporter

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – After launching in May 2020, the publisher of Delray Beach Times has announced the local news publication will be going on hiatus until further notice. The process of setting up another news company has been exciting, but the realities of the coronavirus pandemic have changed the strategic roadmap.

The Delray Beach Times, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
Rather than spin wheels hoping to get traction, the publication has opted to go on hiatus until the coronavirus pandemic passes and the economic environment changes, photo internet reproduction.

Editor and Publisher, Stone Korshak, explains, “We moved to Delray Beach and set up the publication just as the severity of the pandemic was being realized, and honestly we never thought we’d be in August still not able to meet face-to-face, go out or travel without concern.”

While a news company can accomplish a lot working remotely, there are certain things that are much more efficient in-person, especially when launching a new brand. Rather than spin wheels hoping to get traction, the publication has opted to go on hiatus until the economic environment changes.

The Delray Beach Times aims to build revenue through online subscriptions, which has seen some early signs of promise. Korshak shared, “setting up the technology infrastructure is not a small task so we needed to see a positive response quickly, but there is no denying the economic crisis has most folks looking to limit spending.”

Everyone who had purchased an online monthly subscription will have their account put on hold, those that purchased the annual access will be refunded the prorated amount. The hope is once publishing starts again these subscribers will still be engaged.

The plan is to keep the site active with the technology infrastructure and social media on hold until COVID-19 is under control and State and local officials move into phases 2 and 3 of reopening. In the meantime, Korshak plans to take advantage of the time.

“I’ve got some other writing projects, a screenplay actually, that has been just waiting for the right time to pour energy into.” Adding, “that plus some digital marketing consulting, and I’m back to working too much again pretty quickly!”

Before Delray Beach Times, Korshak had spent a year working to launch the Miami Beach Times, which focused on sea level rise issues, but it was shuttered at the end of 2019.

Prior to that he had launched and ran The Rio Times for ten years, as the leading English-language news publisher in Brazil, based out of Rio de Janeiro.

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