By Matthew Lewis, Contributing Reporter

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – Scooter enthusiasts will be excited for the inaugural ‘Great Delray to Palm Beach Scooter Rally’ which will be held Sunday, May 17th, from 10AM to 12PM. All are welcome to participate in the rally, and a $20 entry fee will be collected and will go to a local charity supporting first responders.

Scooter Rally, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
Riders should meet at the pavilion on the beach at Route A1A and Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach at 10AM on Sunday, May 17th, photo internet recreation.

Organizer John Ferber explained how the scooter rally idea came to him, “I participated in the Corsa 600 in Pennsylvania a few years back, 600 miles over two days, and had the best time.

Adding, “So I wanted to try to replicate the fun down here, this rally while only maybe fifty miles tops, is a step towards longer ones in the future, for example to Key West and back.”

Riders should meet at the pavilion on the beach at Route A1A and Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach at 10AM on Sunday, May 17th. The rally will depart by 10:30 AM, ride only on A1A and be back by 12 Noon. Ferber clarifies, “This is NOT a race, that is illegal, it’s a RALLY.”

Anyone with any sized scooter can enter and participate for free, but those who have a 50cc scooter or less (the most popular) can pay $20 towards charity, and be eligible to win the rally itself. Anyone who enters officially will be qualified to win, and will receive a very special prize from Ferber personally.

Ferber said, “As far as I am aware there isn’t much of a ‘community’ but there could be, obviously scooters are a popular means of transportation around here and only increasing over time. Part of the issue is that scooters are typically rated on the size of the engine which limits speed, distance, etc.”

The forecast looks mixed, so he adds, “if it rains it will be rescheduled for the safety of the riders […] If the forecast changes [and it rains] we will reschedule most likely two Sundays from this one.”

Those interested can find out more on the event page and stay updated with any changes.

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