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DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – The indie rock band Honeyvoid was formed just over a year ago, but jived together quickly with a passion for music that lead to releasing their self-titled EP last fall. Now during the coronavirus pandemic they are focused on writing new material, and a future of doing what they love.

Honeyvoid, Music, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
The indie rock band Honeyvoid was formed just over a year ago, and released their self-titled EP last fall, photo by Roberto Badillo.

The band is a collaboration of Sammy Jo on vocals and lyrics, Ed Tuttle on guitar, Jonathan Shriner on bass and Brett Bell on drums. They started practicing together as a group mid-last year, and Sammy Jo explains how it kicked off.

“I don’t think any of us really imagined anything would come of it,” Jo admits. “Our bass player Jonathan, our guitarist Ed, and I were all friends beforehand and just decided to start jamming one day, since none of us had played music in a while. Jonathan and our drummer Brett were childhood friends who used to make music together.”

Honeyvoid released their self-titled album last fall, which is currently available on all streaming platforms. Songs include; Hunger Pains, Life’s a Beach, Don’t Touch My Purse, Icarus, Time and No Sleep.

Their first show was this past January at Propaganda in Lake Worth. “We were all so excited to be given the opportunity to perform live for the first time and this night was truly unforgettable,” said Jo.

They have since been able to play venues all over South Florida, but unfortunately, as they started picking up steam the coronavirus pandemic swept across the state. The band has stayed busy though, from video stream performances to collaborations.

Honeyvoid, Music, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
The band is a collaboration of (L-R); Ed Tuttle on guitar, Jonathan Shriner on bass, Sammy Jo on vocals and Brett Bell on drums, photo by Roberto Badillo.

“From the beginning of the pandemic, we have witnessed all these different groups doing live streams together, sharing each other’s music on social media, and reaching out to one another to offer support to other bands and local venues,” she said.

Adding, “It is truly amazing to see the music community come together in hard times instead of thinking about how each group is going to get ahead. We are fortunate to be part of such a community.”

As far as favorite places to play, Jo shared, “all the local venues have such a unique charm to them.[…] We recently recorded a performance at Arts Garage right here in Delray, which is such a beautiful venue with a huge stage. We can’t wait to play a live show there once the world opens back up again.”

With the coronavirus closures and limits on crowds, live gigs have been slim, but the band is pouring their energy into writing new material. Jo says, “We’ve been spending a lot of time the past couple months improving our writing and technique as a group. We are not taking this downtime lightly.”

This coming year, they are focused heavily on releasing their new album, which has been halfway written. “We’re working on a 10-12 track album,” Jo says, “which will sound more cohesive and advanced than anything we have written thus far,”

The new band is making the right moves and their audience is waiting to see them perform live. “Our passion is music, so it would be the ultimate dream to make performing our main priority, no matter where that takes us,” explained Jo.

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