By Matthew Lewis, Contributing Reporter

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – The Village by the Sea was named the “Most Fun Small Town in the United States” back in 2012 and a big part of that is because of the vibrant music scene. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, bar closures and limits on crowds, Delray performers like Cale Charney are still making music.

Cale Charney, Musician, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
Singer and Songwriter Cale Charney is one of the performers making up Delray Beach’s music scene, photo by Ethan Dangerwing.

Cale Charney is a singer and songwriter born in rural Northeastern Pennsylvania, but now based in South Florida. He began playing guitar at 24 years old, drawing inspiration from such artists as Tom Petty, Ray Lamontagne, John Mayer, Bob Seger, Eddie Vedder and others.

His musical repertoire ranges from folk to country to soul, and he has been described as a visceral storyteller. In March 2020, Charney’s song “Stranded” was featured on Studio Road TV – a staple in the South Florida music community.

The musician has performed all over the Tri-County area, entertaining crowds from West Palm Beach to Miami, and is currently recording his debut studio album set to release later this year.

Charney explained how he started on this path, “it kind of goes back to when I was in high school. Teachers would offer extra credit (I usually needed it) for doing something creative – a poem or performance that encompassed the lesson. I enjoyed the creative element of that and started writing my own poems in my free time and it morphed into songwriting.”

He admits, “I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was 24 so that’s when I started developing my musical style – as a player and as a singer. I have to credit my friend Roosevelt Merisier of FNO Productions for giving me my first gig down in Fort Lauderdale in December 2018. I haven’t gotten off the train since.”

Like a lot of transplants, Charney moved to the Sunshine State a few years ago for the weather. He explained, “It was -15 degrees one morning up there. The wind was howling… and I had this idea that it might be nice to live by the beach.”

As far as Delray Beach, he shares, “I’ve found the music scene down here to be really vibrant. Atlantic Avenue is bustling. People here like to come out and socialize and enjoy themselves. As a musician or performer, that’s what you’re looking for.”

Charney said, “I have to acknowledge Arts Garage for providing an incredible platform for artists and entertainers. They’ve treated me with such hospitality and their ‘From Our HeARTS to Your Homes’ series that I participated in is such an awesome idea during these trying times.”

He adds, “Tin Roof is also a great venue for live music and food and drinks. I’ve been fortunate to play a good number of shows there and the staff is always friendly, the crowds are a lot of fun. It’s a great time. I’ve performed at Bull Bar and DaDa as well. Great atmospheres.”

Charney just finished recording his first album “Find a Way”, which will be out on all platforms in the next several months. He said, “I’m really excited about that. I tracked all my vocals and acoustics at 5:50 Studios over the past few weeks.”

“In the next year, I plan on releasing more music, doing more shows, and just continuing to grow as an artist. In five years? I’d like to have a couple albums under my belt and take my music as far as I can. For right now, I’m enjoying the process.”

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