Kings Point Residents Struggle to Pay for Tornado Damage Bills

Kings Point, Delray Beach Residents Struggle to Pay for Tornado Damage Bills

Residents at the Kings Point 55-plus condos are struggling to pay the bills for damages caused by the recent tornado that ripped through their gated community on the night of September 27. Even though most of the units were left unscathed, the management is asking for more than $3,000 in damages from each resident. With many retirees living on fixed incomes, they are finding it hard to come up with the money.

Damage Assessment

According to reports, Elizabeth Lesueur, a resident of Kings Point, received a letter from management asking her to pay $3,200 for the damage to the roof. She claims that there was no damage to her unit, and many of her neighbors have reported the same. When they asked the board to see the breakdown of the repair costs, they were denied access, which has left many residents feeling frustrated and helpless.

Struggle to Pay

Kings Point is a community of retirees who live on fixed incomes. With high HOA fees and now unexpected repair costs, many of them are struggling to pay their bills. Some have turned to family members for financial help, while others are trying to sell their units with no success.

Calls for Answers

Manuel Garcia, a retired property manager, is calling for answers. He questions the management’s estimation of the damages and the transparency in the repair costs. He calculates that if each of the 96 units is asked to pay $3,200, the total damage costs would be around $300,000, which is only 5% of the estimated $6 million in damages to buildings P and E.

The aftermath of the tornado that struck Kings Point has left many retirees struggling to pay their bills for damages that they did not cause. With high HOA fees and unexpected repair costs, they are finding it difficult to make ends meet. As the residents continue to call for transparency and answers, they hope that their voices will be heard and their financial burdens will be relieved.

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