By Mike S Payton, Contributing Reporter

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – Earlier this month the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) provided a status of their recent projects in collaboration with the City of Delray Beach to provide much-needed improvements to the Southwest Neighborhoods.

Southwest Neighborhoods, Community Redevelopment Agency, CRA, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
A collaboration between The City of Delray Beach and the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) aims to provide much-needed improvements to the Southwest Neighborhoods, press photo.

Roadway, alley, and utility infrastructure improvements are being made in the Southwest 4th Street, Southwest 6th Street, Southwest 7th Avenue and Southwest 3rd Court neighborhoods, aiming to ‘meet the needs of area residents, businesses and visitors’.

The primary components of the project include resurfacing/reconstruction of 1.6 miles of roadway; construction of one mile of new permeable pavement alleyways; rehabilitation of the existing potable water, sanitary and storm sewer systems.

Also; improve area drainage and landscaped parkways; improve landscaping; install reclaimed water main improvements; improve sidewalk to meet ADA standards; and improve and update street lighting (LED).

“This project brings more lighting for safer neighborhoods and sidewalks for connectivity, additional green and landscaped areas, improve traffic circulation and roadway appearance, among others,” said Ivan Cabrera, Delray Beach CRA project manager. “These benefits improve the overall livability conditions and infrastructure of all the neighborhoods in the area.”

The Southwest Neighborhood is located southwest of Delray Beach’s central business district. The area was platted more than fifty years ago with most of the area platted between 1925 and 1961, and is comprised of approximately 1,900 parcels primarily zoned as residential.

Cabrera stated that the Southwest Neighborhood areas have needed to be improved, including providing a sidewalk network, better lighting, remedying drainage issues, improving utilities and landscaping, and more.

Recent detailed project updates include; Concrete Header Curbs are now 95 percent complete in ‘Alleyway 3’. Crews installed the 8” Rock Base, began framing for concrete header curbs, and began pouring concrete on the north end in ‘Alleyway 4’.

Crews began excavation for the sub-grade in ‘Alleyway 6’ as well as completed the initial clearing of ‘Alleyway 7’. On Auburn Ave/SW 12th Ave (between Auburn Drive to SW 4th Street) the work crew completed installation of the 8” PVC Reclaimed Water Main.

These improvements fall in line with the goals and objectives included in the CRA Redevelopment Plan and the Southwest Area Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan.

Preliminary steps for the Phase 1 improvements began June 19th and are scheduled to continue through September 2021. The details of Phase 2 are yet to be determined, but the City says no new taxes or fees will be levied or charged to complete this work.

Community members who are interested in learning more about the projects, tracking the updates and progress, and providing feedback are able to visit the web site to email the design team and find more information.

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