By Mike S Payton, Contributing Reporter

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – The City of Delray Beach began a beautification project on its historic cemetery this month. The work, being done by Aktiv Construction, includes the installation of a new fence to improve aesthetics of the property and help revitalize the area.

Delray Beach Memorial Gardens, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
The Delray Beach Memorial Gardens (formerly known as Pine Ridge Cemetery) and is located at S.W. 8th Avenue and S.W. 10th Street, internet image recreation.

City of Delray Beach Parks and Recreation staff began the removal of the existing fence on June 17th, as part of Phase I. Gina Carter, Public Information Officer for the City of Delray Beach said, “The work being done in Delray Beach’s historic Memorial Garden will help preserve and beautify not only the cemetery but also the surrounding neighborhood.”

“This historic cemetery, which has been in existence even before the city itself, is treasured by many. Maybe because of that, this project feels very personal to folks who live in the nearby community and those who have loved ones in the Memorial Garden.”

In 1902, the Ladies Improvement Association of the town of Linton (incorporated as Delray in 1911), was given five acres of land by the Henry Flagler’s Model Land Company to be used for a cemetery.

The lot was deeded to the City in 1914. The name was changed in 1995 to Delray Beach Memorial Gardens (formerly known as Pine Ridge Cemetery) and is located at S.W. 8th Avenue and S.W. 10th Street.

During Phase II, Aktiv Construction will be creating 1 by 1 column posts every 24 feet starting from S.W. 6th Street to S.W. 10th Street. In August, Phase III will involve the installation of the aluminum fence between each column.

The City of Delray Beach Neighborhood Services Division began applying for the SWA Grant in 2014 as part of its ongoing commitment to preserve and revitalize municipal properties.

The project is funded by the 2019 Solid Waste Authority Blighted Property Grant with a budget of $179,739. Aktiv Construction was selected following City’s bid purchasing process, and the project is estimated to be completed in September 2020.

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