Rising Arrests in Kings Point Delray Beach Raise Concerns

Rising Arrests in Kings Point Delray Beach Raise Concerns: Uncovering Patterns of Criminal Activity

More Arrests In Kings Point Delray Beach Than Any Other Senior Community In South Palm Beach County.

Kings Point Delray Beach: A Surprising Hotspot for Arrests in South Palm Beach County

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office still isn’t ready to open a jail, or even a police substation, in the senior living community of Kings Point Delray Beach, but one has to wonder if Palm Beach County could look at it as a cost-saving move.

Questioning the Need for a Law Enforcement Presence in Kings Point Delray Beach

In 2023 alone, ten Kings Point residents have been arrested. Since the start of 2022, 34 residents have been jailed. That’s a lot of trips — and police car mileage — between Delray Beach and West Palm Beach.

Latest Arrest: Jason Levins Faces Contempt of Court Charges

The latest arrest: someone who doesn’t quite look like he belongs in Kings Point. It’s Jason Levins, 41, of Monaco C. He was taken into custody late Friday afternoon. This charge: “contempt of court: violation of an injunction by stalking.” Records show he was arrested in early May for contacting a woman who apparently wanted nothing to do with him.

Levins was being held on $5,000 bond as of late Saturday night.

Examining the Pattern: A String of Arrests Spanning Over a Year

Kings Point continues to be a hotbed of apparently criminal activity — notable for a senior living community. Since early 2022, law enforcement agencies have arrested more than 30 Kings Point Delray Beach residents on charges including drug dealing, drunk driving, sex offenses, battery, a man who allegedly shot at someone for walking their dog on a golf course, a woman who resisted arrest, and more.

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