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DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – The Village by the Sea was named the “Most Fun Small Town in the United States” back in 2012 and a big part of that is because the beach serves up with some pretty consistent ‘cooking’ (waves), which makes it a great surfing destination.

Surf Lessons, Surf Camp, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
At Waves Surf Academy, all of their staff is lifeguard certified and experienced surf instructors, photo internet recreation.

Eric Dernick is CEO of Waves Management which provides surf lessons and camp, and he explains why surfing is such a draw here. “Delray Beach is a great surfing destination due to the fetch of surf that Delray Beach receives.”

“Delray tends to pick up more Northeast swell due to the opening between the Northern Bahama Islands and our Southeast coast line creating more opportunity for more surf to be able to come through.”

Dernick goes on to explain that Delray Beach is broken up into three main surf breaks. Surf break one is North End which is located just north of Atlantic Avenue. Surf break two is South End and is located just south of Atlantic Avenue and Surf break three is located at Atlantic dunes Park.

He says, “The main surf spot in Delray Beach is South End. This particular portion of the beach is also known for its great outside sand bar. The outside sand bar is located south of Atlantic Avenue and north of Casarina Street. The best tides for surfing in Delray are during low and mid incoming tides.”

Add all this surfing to a charming and vibrant small town center, a wide variety of great food options and affordable accommodations, it is no wonder that families are drawn to Delray Beach. For surf lessons or camp there are a number of options offering weekly programs to daily classes.

Surf Lessons, Surf Camp, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
For surf lessons or camp, Delray Beach offers a number of options from weekly programs to daily classes, photo by Delray Beach Water Sports Surf Camp.

Dernick from Waves Surf Academy said, “for families planning a vacation or staycation to Delray Beach we highly recommend taking either a group family surf lesson, booking a private lesson, or registering for a camp program for the kids.”

He noted that all of their staff is lifeguard certified and experienced surf instructors, and they also work with many of the local hotels in the area including the newly renovated Opal Grand Resort, The Delray Sands Resort and the Delray Breakers on the Ocean hotel.

Albert Richwagen of Delray Beach Water Sports Surf Camp operates another option, although ramping down the end of August. “Camp is ending on Friday, August 7th [because] my camp counselors are leaving for collage [but] we had 8-14 kids weekly.”

Their web site says, “beginners to intermediates will be happy to know that our beach has an all-sandy bottom with two sandbars about 50-75 yards offshore that break right adjacent to our rental facility. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!”

Jennifer Vancek is co-owner of a local favorite Surf District, who provide all things surfing. She said “we are running daily and weekly surf lessons with focus is strictly on surf and SUP (stand up paddle).” Adding, “we do lessons every morning till 1PM.”

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