Two Elderly Women Rescued from Devastating Car Fire in Delray Beach

Two Elderly Women Rescued from Devastating Car Fire in Delray Beach

Delray Beach witnessed a harrowing incident as a car fire rapidly spread, endangering the lives of two elderly women residing in the affected home. Delray Beach Fire Rescue swiftly responded to the distress call, rescuing the women and transporting them to Delray Medical Center for treatment.

Car Fire Engulfs Residence

On Saturday night, a car fire broke out at a residence located on Country Manors, resulting in significant damage. The flames quickly consumed the vehicles and adjacent walls, leaving behind charred remains.

Elderly Women Suffer Smoke Inhalation

The swift action of Delray Beach Fire Rescue saved the lives of two women in their 70s who were inside the house during the incident. Both women suffered from smoke inhalation and were immediately taken to Delray Medical Center for medical attention.

Investigation Underway

Delray Beach Fire Rescue, in collaboration with the state fire marshal and DBFR investigators, is actively investigating the cause of the fire. Preliminary reports suggest that the fire originated in a car parked in the apartment’s carport on Hummingbird Lane. It quickly spread, affecting the structure and two neighboring residences.

Residents Safely Evacuated

Fortunately, two individuals from the neighboring home managed to evacuate safely on their own. To support the four displaced residents, Delray Beach Fire Rescue reached out to the Red Cross for assistance.

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