Business Jet Departing From Las Vegas Crashes In Murrieta

Early on Saturday morning, a twin-jet plane crashed close to French Valley Airport in Murrieta, killing six passengers. 

A 1979 Cessna C550 business jet, according to reports, crashed about 4:15 in the morning, igniting a brush fire as it did so. 

Before it was put out by firefighters at roughly 5:35 am, the fire had burned through about an acre of vegetation, according to representatives of the Riverside County Fire Department.  

The six people who were on board the plane were all declared deceased at the spot, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. None have been located as of yet.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the flight left Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport at about 3:15 am.

During a press conference on Saturday afternoon, NTSB investigator Elliot Simpson stated that just before landing, a marine layer started to engulf the area with poor ceilings and visibility. 

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6 Fatalities As Business Jet Departs from Las Vegas

Early on Saturday morning, a twin-jet plane crashed close to French Valley Airport in Murrieta, killing six passengers.

Air traffic control was informed by the pilot that he would be making a missed approach, which is what usually occurs when a pilot is unable to see the runway surroundings. 

He said that following a first failed landing attempt, air traffic management once more gave the pilot permission to attempt a second missed approach.

Approximately 500 feet short of runway 1A, which looked to be the original intended landing runway, the airplane crashed, according to Simpson. 

To ascertain what caused the disaster, both the NTSB and the FAA dispatched investigators to the scene. 

Before the wreckage of the plane is brought in for further analysis, they anticipate being on the spot for the following few days. 

Within the next two weeks, a preliminary report on the crash will be available. 

This is the second deadly crash to happen in the area of French Valley Airport in Murrieta in the past week. 

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