Russia’s Duma Passes Bill Banning Gender Reassignment Surgery in LGBTQ Rights Crackdown

The Russian State Duma voted for a new law banning medical help for transgender people, including gender reassignment surgery, as part of anti-LGBTQ legislation in Russia.

This bill, which received the third and last reading on Friday, forbids doctors from performing gender reassignment procedures on youngsters unless they are treating congenital physiological problems. 

It also forbids registry offices from making changes to formal records based on medical certificates of gender change.

Before it takes effect, the law must be authorized by the Federation Council and signed by President Vladimir Putin.

Individuals who have had gender changes are barred from becoming foster parents or guardians, and a marriage may be annulled if one or both spouses have a gender change and amend their civil status documents, according to amendments introduced during its third reading.

Enforcing Anti-LGBTQ Laws

In recent months, Putin has strengthened anti-LGBTQ laws as the Kremlin cracks down on free expression and human rights in the midst of the Ukraine conflict.

These latest developments in law in Russia impose additional restrictions on the LGBTQ community and show the country’s stiffening of regulations as well as authority over transgender rights.

In Dec 2022, Russia extended “gay propaganda” law to control discussions on non-heterosexual relationships and identities. Heavier penalties for promoting such relations and gender transition. Transgender politician Yulia Alyoshina warns of severe consequences from the bill.

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Transgender as Treason

The current limitations appear to be inextricably linked to Russia’s persistent dissent over political and human rights activity.

Notably, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) reported on the evening of the final reading that it had jailed a transgender activist on grounds of treason.

According to the FSB, the activist, a Russian citizen from the Oryol region, aided the Armed Forces of Ukraine by donating money to the independent human rights tracking group OVD-Info.

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Source: CNN

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