Judge Considers Pushing Donald Trump Classified Documents Trial to 2024

After listening to arguments from prosecutors and the former president’s attorneys on Tuesday, the federal judge presiding over Donald Trump’s case regarding classified documents hinted that she could postpone the trial until 2024. She appeared inclined to think that the situation was sufficiently difficult.

During the almost two-hour pre-trial meeting at the courtroom in Fort Pierce, Florida, US district court judge Aileen Cannon did not provide a ruling from the bench about a timeline. She finished the hearing by stating that she will issue a written order at a later time.

Trump’s request to delay the trial until after the 2024 election was rejected last week by prosecutors in the office of special counsel Jack Smith, who is in charge of both the investigation into Trump’s attempts to hinder the transition of power and the papers case.

Trump appointee Cannon, who is under close scrutiny for giving the former president favorable decisions during the criminal probe before they were overturned on appeal, may face his first challenge as a result of the conflicting requests from Trump and the justice department.

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Judge Assures Impartiality Despite 2024 Election

At the hearing, Cannon displayed skepticism about the claims made by both sides, telling the prosecution that she was unaware of any case involving sensitive information that went to trial within six months and assuring Trump’s attorneys that the 2024 presidential election would not affect her scheduling choices.

The court argued that the issue was whether the complexity of the documents case—due to novel legal problems and the quantity of discovery materials that the prosecution will provide the defense—was sufficient to support a schedule that would push back pre-trial sessions past December. 

However, Cannon also separately informed Trump’s attorneys that she could not forever postpone setting a trial date as they had sought. 

In response to Cannon’s pointed inquiries, prosecutors appeared to accept that their plan for a December trial date was aggressive.

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Source: www.newsbreak.com

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