This City in Arizona is Smoking More Weed Than Anywhere Else in the State

Arizona has decriminalized recreational marijuana use. Since then, many people in Arizona have reaped the benefits of cannabis, whether for recreational or medicinal use. However, which city in the state has the highest percentage of marijuana smoking?

According to a recent WagsWoofs survey, out of all the states, Phoenix, Arizona has the highest concentration of marijuana smokers.

Using information from online polls, the Arizona Department of Health Services, and the United States Census Bureau, the study rated all of Arizona’s cities based on the popularity of cannabis.

Why So?

Phoenix, America’s capital and biggest city, ranks first in terms of the percentage of the population that uses marijuana, the average amount spent on marijuana, and the frequency with which people smoke joints, blunts, and bongs. Phoenix also had the most cannabis-related events, a cannabis-friendly environment, and shops in the state, according to the report.

Several factors, including Phoenix’s progressive urban environment, large and varied population, pleasant and sunny weather, proximity to states like California, Nevada, and Colorado, and the prevalence of legal marijuana, may contribute to the city’s high cannabis usage, as stated in the report.

Some Points About Marijuana Use in Arizona

The study also found several interesting things about how people in Arizona use cannabis, such as:

  • The three most popular strains of cannabis in Arizona are Blue Dream and Sour Diesel.
  • Marijuana is most commonly used in Arizona for three major reasons: pain management, stress reduction, and relaxation.
  • Marijuana is most often consumed in Arizona through inhalation, vaping, and edibles.
  • Marijuana consumption averages 14 grams, or about half an ounce, each month in Arizona.
  • The average cost of marijuana in Arizona is ten dollars per gram or around $280 per ounce.

The report found that Arizona has some of the most favorable cannabis regulations in the country and that the state’s cannabis industry is booming. The state’s cannabis use is likely to rise in tandem with the public’s awareness of the drug’s benefits and the availability of related products and services.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, with Arizona’s 2020 recreational marijuana legalization, cannabis usage has skyrocketed across the state, with Phoenix having the greatest concentration of cannabis smokers.

Several reasons, including Phoenix’s urban setting, diversified population, pleasant weather, and closeness to neighboring states where marijuana is also legal, have contributed to this development.

Many other Arizona cities have also seen increased cannabis consumption, indicating a general social acceptance of the drug, not just Phoenix.

Arizonans favor classic strains like OG Kush and Blue Dream for pain relief, stress reduction, and relaxation, according to a study. Arizona’s fondness for marijuana is just starting, considering the industry’s expected expansion and the possibility of favorable cannabis legislation continuing.

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