Discover the 5 Safest Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has been a popular choice for people all across the nation due to its diverse population, abundance of affordable housing, and abundance of career prospects. However, it is not always easy to locate a secure neighborhood in the City of Brotherly Love. Keep reading to learn about Philadelphia’s ten most secure neighborhoods.

Pennypack Park

Pennypack Park is Philadelphia’s safest neighborhood. Living so close to the park that bears its name and all the fun things to do there is what makes this neighborhood special. A diverse range of residential residences, schools, and local businesses come together to form a lively and secure neighborhood in this area. Pennypack Park is Philadelphia’s safest neighborhood, with a crime rate that is 71% lower than the city average.

Pennypack Park is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike thanks to its abundance of green space, which includes picnic tables, hiking paths, and picturesque vistas along Pennypack Creek. Located in the heart of Brotherly Love, the Pennypack Park area provides a rare and appealing blend of city life with the peace and quiet of a park.

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Somerton is the third-safest Philadelphia neighborhood in 2023, with a respectable overall crime rate that is 64% lower than the city average. Somerton is also a fantastic neighborhood for first-time homebuyers because homes there are less expensive than in other parts of the city.

There may be a reduced cost of living here, but there are plenty of jobs and commuters can get to Baltimore, Lakewood, New York City, and inner Philadelphia easily. A plethora of first-rate facilities, such as museums, parks, zoos, colleges, and more, are available to residents as well. If you are a business professional looking for a place with convenient transportation, Somerton is a good bet.


Another one of Philadelphia’s safest neighborhoods is Bustleton. Those seeking proximity to the city center without being in the thick of things will love this area, which gets its name from the lively mix of urban services that it offers. Bustleton has a wide variety of housing options, businesses, and restaurants serving local cuisine. It also boasts a great selection of parks, trails, and bike lanes.

Commuters will also appreciate the location’s proximity to the city core. It is not surprising that crime in this region is almost 67% lower than the Philadelphia average, given its reputation as one of the best areas in all of Philadelphia.

Fox Chase

Residents of Fox Chase can rest easy knowing that their neighborhood has a crime rate that is 59% lower than Philadelphia’s average. This neighborhood in Philadelphia’s northeast is well-known for its abundance of parks and other green areas. Meadows, wetlands, woodlands, and fields abound in Fox Chase, providing residents with enough opportunities to enjoy nature and be active. Therefore, it is the ideal neighborhood in the city for people who love nature, want to live in a safe place, and have unmatched access to activities like walking, biking, horseback riding, and hiking.

University City

Another one of Philadelphia’s safest neighborhoods, University City located west of Center City. Several colleges and universities call this region home, as the name implies. Among them are Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. The diverse population of University City—consisting of students, faculty, and young professionals—creates a vibrant and exciting environment. Its crime rate is 29% lower than the city average, making it comparatively low. Many people feel comfortable residing or doing business in University City.


Manayunk is a great spot for young professionals and singles to settle down because of its safe environment, an abundance of local eateries and pubs, and Victorian-style residences. This region is known for its vibrant and exciting vibe, and it has quickly become one of the top areas in Philadelphia for people who want to be close to both work and play. Manayunk is a one-stop shop for all your festivals, food trucks, live music, and bookish needs. This city is among the safest in Philadelphia to have a drink with a couple of friends, with a safety rating that is 36% lower than the average.

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The Bottom Line

Suburban areas and less densely populated areas of Philadelphia tend to have the safest neighborhoods. The reason is, that from 2020 to 2023, criminal activity in Philadelphia’s Center City neighborhood will increase. Society Hill and Rittenhouse Square, on the other hand, are centrally located and comparatively safe districts to live in.

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