Las Vegas Top Destination For Migrating Californians

It should come as no surprise that Las Vegas is a popular vacation spot for people from California, but the most recent migration figures are quite staggering.

According to real estate agency Redfin, the majority of the approximately 4,000 October movers were from Los Angeles. The United States Census Bureau’s data, which follows people as they move from one state to another, provide credence to the theory that more and more Californians are making the journey to Nevada.

Nevada becomes home to around 7% of Californians who leave the state. Among all residents of California who migrate to Nevada, 40% are Californians. Living expenses in Las Vegas are significantly lower, which is a major motivator to relocate there.

According to data compiled by Redfin, the typical price of a home in Las Vegas is around 50% lower than that in Los Angeles. Aspirants to Las Vegas also found great appeal in the arts and entertainment.

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