Joe Biden’s Rebuke To ‘Craven’ Putin

At the conclusion of a NATO summit on Wednesday, President Joe Biden accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of having an unquenchable thirst for territory and power. 

Ukraine had just received fresh security guarantees from the US and its partners for its defense against Moscow.

A day after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy criticized as ludicrous the unwillingness to issue an invitation or schedule for Ukraine’s membership into NATO, members of the world’s most potent military alliance offered the potential of long-term protection.

While battling a Russian invasion that began in February 2022 and resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people and the displacement of millions, Ukraine has been pushing for quick membership.

As an alternative, a statement from the G7, a group of the world’s seven most industrialized nations, set up a framework for bilateral talks to give military and financial support, intelligence cooperation, and a guarantee of swift action in the event that Russia launched another strike.

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Ukraine’s Security Assured


At the conclusion of the two-day summit on Russia’s doorstep, Biden claimed Putin had grossly miscalculated the tenacity of the US-led military alliance in Vilnius, Lithuania.

More united than ever before, NATO is now stronger than it has ever been. More crucial to our shared future, in fact. It wasn’t a coincidence, either. According to Biden, it wasn’t inevitable.

Zelenskiy, swallowing his dissatisfaction over the absence of a timeline for membership, praised NATO for its practical and unprecedented support for Ukraine and claimed that at the summit, 

Ukraine has acquired unmistakable certainty that Ukraine will join NATO. In a discussion with Zelenskiy, Biden assured him that the United States was making every effort to meet Ukraine’s demands and recognized Zelenskiy’s displeasure with the scope and pace of support.

When Biden and Zelenskiy met, according to US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, they would talk about the issue of long-range missiles.

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