Intensifying Heat Wave Temperatures Set to Reach Near 130 Degrees at Western United States

This weekend, as a heat dome grows stronger and reaches its peak power over areas of the Western United States, a severe heat wave that has been ongoing for the past week will only get worse.

Because of how strong the heat dome is, the National Weather Service in Phoenix called it “one of the strongest high pressure systems this region has ever seen.” 

Over 100 heat records could be broken this weekend as it grows hotter, adding to the more than 1,000 high temperature records broken in the US since June.

After the heat dome spread into states like California, which is currently suffering its first significant heat wave of the year, more than 90 million people are under heat alerts.

In Texas, Florida, and Arizona, where Phoenix is in the midst of what is likely a record-breaking run of consecutive 110-degree days, it has already been dangerously hot for weeks, causing many businesses and parks to close or modify their hours.

Since Las Vegas is expected to surpass its record-breaking high temperature of 117 degrees on Sunday, forecasters advised citizens to stay indoors between 9am and 6pm. 

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National Parks Urge Caution Amidst Extreme Heat

Low temperatures at night will not drop much below 90 degrees, which is a particularly deadly consequence of the climate problem.

As much as 130 degrees are likely on Sunday in Death Valley, California, the world’s hottest spot, according to National Weather Service experts. 

There have only been a few instances of it, one of which is the 134-degree global high temperature.

In response, the national parks of Death Valley in California and Saguaro in Arizona published notices on their websites cautioning visitors not to hike after 10am local time.

The Rio Grande river and the surrounding desert areas regularly reach temperatures of 110 degrees, according to Texas authorities at Big Bend National Park.

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